Bragging about myself...

Hi!, I'm Israel, a Venezuelan Software Engineer living in Dubai with my wife and one cat and currently working at dubizzle, the largest classifieds website in the region. I'm an amateur musician and a programmer always looking for music or code projects.

I believe in technology bringing people together and making things easier, I'm a performance, usability and productivity freak, always testing new techniques to write better code, improve user interfaces or become more productive. I'm an extroverted introvert, which means sometimes I talk to everyone and sometimes I just want to be alone.

I started this blog for a very selfish reason, to keep a log of cool findings, not-so-common errors and pitfalls I've found so I can have the solution easier next time it happens, after that, I just thought it was OK to share some of my thoughts here, like some kind of psychotherapy, you'll find here a lot of articles in Spanish because I write in both languages.

Aside from writing, I also try to read a lot, here's what I'm currently reading on Israel Fermín Montilla's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (currently-reading shelf).

For a more recent update of what I've been up to, check my now page

What I've done...


Static website by request of a Kuwait based client called Menafile, they're the leading archive management service provider in the country. One of the main challenges was being able to reuse the same styling to provide right to left support for Arabic. Design and corporate identity by Andrés Fermín. Technologies: HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery, nginx.

Cáritas de Trujillo

Website donated to a Catholic organization called Cáritas, managed by Fr. Pedro Artigas in Trujillo, Venezuela. The main challenge for this project was to develop a scalable and reusable plugin for django-cms to manage the photo albums and handle the images uploads in an easy way. Technologies: django-cms, HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery, nginx.

Vírgen del Talquito

Website donated to a Catholic society managed by Ms. Asmara Godoy in Jajó, Venezuela. The challenge was to find a tool to ease the development. Technologies: django-cms, HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery, nginx

Carrillo Repostería

Website for a Venezuelan family business, a Pastry and Bakery company called Carrillo Repostería, one of the best and most famous cakes in Caracas - Venezuela.

Albums Plugin for django-cms

While I was building the websites I donated using django-cms, I realized there was no decent plugin for managing photo galleries, so, as a programmer, I built one. I'm working on improving it an packaging it to make it available on PyPI.
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